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Uncovering the Extraordinary Coach Within: Trusting Insight and Wisdom

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Uncovering the Extraordinary Coach Within with Joe Bailey: Trusting Insight and Wisdom.

A 5-day Retreat with Joe Bailey in Spain: 27TH–31ST, OCTOBER, 2023. In this compelling webinar, Joe Bailey tells us how he got introduced to the three principles and integrated this understanding into his life and work. Originally a licensed psychologist, he built up an extensive practice and has written over seven books about this understanding. In this webinar, he describes the path he has walked in his career with Sydney Banks’s teachings and answers the attendees’ questions.

By the end of October 2023, Joe is coming to Europe for a five-day retreat. If you want to join him in Spain, you can find all the details here:

From a young age, Joe Bailey knew he wanted to make a difference, but traditional psychology left him feeling burnt out. That all changed when he discovered the powerful teachings of Sydney Banks.

In this episode, Joe takes us on his magical carpet ride, sharing how he fell in love with the principles and witnessed profound transformations in his clients’ lives. As he delves deeper into the essence of these principles, Joe experiences moments of clarity, relaxation, and even spontaneous meditation.

But the journey doesn’t stop there! Joe’s path led him to establish the Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health, treating thousands of patients and making a huge impact in his community. Alongside his wife, Joe becomes a trusted consultant for no other than Sydney Banks himself, deepening their understanding and embracing the power of speaking from the heart.

But it’s not always smooth sailing. Joe faces controversy when his book, “My Magic Carpet Ride,” draws attention from the publishing world. Despite initial setbacks, Harper Collins stepped in to publish his transformative work.

Throughout this episode, Joe shares incredible stories of healing and transformation, including a young lady freed from her autism label and his own personal journey with Lyme disease. The power of the mind and our self-identification becomes crystal clear as Joe shares the astonishing results.

“So, I had a really tough time grappling with the concept of understanding how the human mind functions and what it truly takes for individuals to heal. It was a conflicting experience because it felt like my entire belief system was crumbling. I’ll admit, my ego desperately wanted to escape that room.” – Joe Bailey.

You will find inspiration and hope as you discover the infinite potential of the principles in your own life. These principles are not limited to concepts or intellectual explanations — they are ongoing experiences that awaken us to our true joy. Joe’s passion for helping others, whether in the school system or healthcare, shines through as he shares his wisdom and invites us all to ask questions and embark on our unique journeys.

Watch now and be prepared to be uplifted, transformed, and filled with infinite hope. Join me as we cut the wave of limitation and dive into the limitless possibilities of the principles. It’s time to awaken to your true power and transform the world around you!

Watch this interview and discover the magic behind the principles that can revolutionize your life!