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Featuring Mavis Karn, Judy Sedgeman, and Officer Jerry Williams, we have three guests transforming the troubled communities using the understanding we share with the Three Principles of Psychology (3P’s)

Mavis Karn
Mavis Karn, LSW, MA, is in private practice offering coaching, counseling, teaching, education, and consulting services. Mavis’ honesty and humble “true north” understanding of the inborn potential of each of us is deeply and broadly respected by clients and colleagues globally. She works from her home office in Minnesota. She’s the author of a well-known letter to juvenile inmates, The Secret.
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Judith A. Sedgeman
Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD has been dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought professionally for more than 30 years. Judy has worked with many other practitioners of the Three Principles throughout the United States and around the world. She has been a consultant, a University professor, an Institute Director, and a mentor. In 2021, she published her first book, It All Started with a Bird, about her introduction to the Principles in the early days of its evolution and how that changed her life. She  has long been a leader in mentoring, teaching and practicing leadership in the presentation and development of Three Principles education and services. Visit Dr. Sedgeman’s website at or contact her at

Corporal Malcolm “Jerry” Williams
Malcolm Jerry Williams has 33 years of professional experience in Law Enforcement with specialized training in Community Policing and Drug Enforcement.   Williams a certified drug expert in Alameda County Municipal Court, Superior Court and Juvenile Court.  He has a reputation for working equally well with co-workers and community residents independently or a part of a team.  As a result, Williams or “Jerry” as he prefers, was hand-picked by the Oakland Police Department Deputy Chief, (David Krause) and assigned to serve as a Community Police for two most violent, drug ridden communities in the City of Oakland.  Williams was commissioned to protect, serve and work in partnership with these communities.
Jerry is credited by both residents and politicians with transforming Lockwood and Coliseum Gardens in East in East Oakland from two neighborhoods with the highest crime and homicide rate in the city to an area with 13% drop in crime and no homicides 5 years later.  He strives to incorporate principles of Health realization with a basic respect for each citizen as he learns about the community and culture of each neighborhood in order to help them fight crime, family violence and unemployment within their own community.
As a result of his efforts in Oakland, U. S. Attorney General Janet Reno has praised Jerry’s work in Community Policing.  Jerry also visited Washington, D.C. by the invitation of President Clinton.

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