Resilience in Action: Transforming Addiction Treatment Using the 3-Principles

Airdate: Tuesday, October 12th. Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: “Resilience in Action: Transforming Addiction Treatment”

We had a great meeting, and with a small live crowd, it was as casual as a zoom call between old friends and new friends. All our guests had personal experiences with the 3P’s in their own lives and a lot of wisdom about transmitting the understanding to family members, therapists, and counselors, as well as people struggling with addiction.

Our guests are all professionals that are changing the face of addiction treatment and creating therapies that employ the three principles of psychology, getting beyond addiction and down to the root cause of addictive thinking.

Excerpt: Chapter 7:

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Healing from the Past: Trauma, Addiction, and Abuse. 

What happened in the past may have influenced our present day personal or social  problems, but please believe me, there is no answer to these problems in the past. Only in the now can the answer be found.”
“The intensity and importance of such events dissipates as we see that the past is no longer a reality, but a memory carried through time via our own thoughts.”

Sydney Banks, from The Missing Link. 

The road to recovery and true serenity is never the same, but with an understanding of the Principles and the process of transformation, we have a compass and a map to get us back on track. We are never really lost, we only think we are. 
We are only one thought, one insight away from true freedom, and the ability to thrive in the uncertainty of our daily lives. Many of my clients who suffer from addiction and other traumas see these Principles as a “gift” of understanding that can truly heal their lives.
These three examples are true, and their stories can be your story too. We are all capable of transformation, at any moment. It is not a matter of will power, or luck, but of “insight,” a sight from within showing us the true nature of our human experience. Insight is not under our control but comes from a willingness and openness coupled with a true understanding of the nature of human experience. This insight can be the trigger that awakens our potential for change and transformation. Everyone can thrive, no matter their past trauma or limited opportunities.

Joseph Bailey, from Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane


About our guests:

Lisa Portinga

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In 1998, I began learning, teaching, and understanding the incredible philosophy of 3 Principles. Since, it has been the foundation of my work as a practitioner, and my life as a human! I love seeing the look of knowing and comfort when a person comes back to the understanding of their own functioning, and they realize we are all connected to the whole, not separate from it. I get to tell people this every day. People who are in early recovery, people who are in jail, people who are struggling to connect with their loved ones. I get to tell them this and watch the magic happen! 

Bryan Johnson

image of Bryan JohnsonIn the summer of 2014, my life took a turn for the better. I decided to enter Gulf Breeze Recovery in Florida, which is a Three Principles based recovery center. I had relapsed and was struggling with both alcoholism and mental health issues. While there, I had a transformational experience that changed my life for the better. I realized that God loves me no matter what and that was just the beginning. That insight allowed me to love myself and then others especially my wife and kids.

Since then, I have had the honor to share my story numerous times via zoom, in person, writing online and through a podcast. I have also written a book of spiritual quotes titled Matters of the Soul. I live in Denver, CO and am married to a wonderful woman and have two lovely daughters. I am part of a Colorado Three Principles group that I have recently chaired via zoom last winter and spring.

Danielle Guinaugh

Danielle Guinaugh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and currently the Clinical Director at Gulf Breeze Recovery, where she has worked since its inception in 2013. Danielle has a passion for seeing the guests at Gulf Breeze Recovery rediscover their health and well-being. She helped create and maintain the family support group at Gulf Breeze Recovery, an ongoing resource available for life to family members and loved ones who have graduated the Gulf Breeze Recovery program. In her role as Clinical Director, she guides the clinical team, providing supervision and ensuring a culture of self-care is maintained in order to ensure guests of the program receive the best possible care. Prior to working with Gulf Breeze Recovery, she provided counseling services in the Escambia county jail, working with individuals struggling with addiction and many other life concerns. She received her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Troy University in October of 2013. She is also a Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professional.

Jacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ)

image of jaquelline HollowsJacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ) is the founder of Beyond Recovery, a facilitator and speaker.

BR’s mission is to revolutionize the way addictions, mental health, and offending behavior are viewed and treated. Through sharing an understanding of how our experience of life is created from our own minds, the pioneering work that BR does has the potential to reform the criminal justice system from the inside out.
Jacqueline is an author of research papers evidencing BR’s approach and is a regular contributor for a prison newspaper: InsideTime (readership c60,000).

Jacqueline is passionate about uncovering the potential in people who have been marginalized and eliminating the stigma human beings suffer as a result of mental health issues. She is an author and is working on her second book Mind Beyond Bars – Stories of Transformation and What They Mean for Humanity which describes some of the wonderful changes she has seen in people who have been in prison and charts her journey from a trauma filled childhood to becoming a pioneer in the world of prison reform.

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