A New Paradigm for Transformation in Addiction with the Three Principles

In this Video: Joe Bailey and Amy Johnson discuss this exciting three principles conference on addiction. May 14-16

What has been the missing link in awakening transformation in recovery?

What is it when we see the “light bulb go off” in our clients and how do we help them sustain and grow that transformational process?

This conference will answer these questions and more, by introducing a new paradigm based on principles. The 3 Principles Psychology shifts our understanding of how our mind works and erases the illusionary boundary between our psychological and spiritual nature. It will illuminate our understanding of the common denominator of all addictions and the common antidote to relapse, transfer of additions, and achievement of a whole recovery—body, mind, and spirit.

In these two days we will help you understand the misunderstandings of our current paradigm of psychology that has innocently held us back in our effort to guide clients to a transformational experience that is whole, sustainable, and changes all dimensions of their lives—not just sobriety.

  • Simplify the treatment process
  • Facilitate Insight and Transformation in our clients
  • Prevent Relapse and Transfer of Addictions
  • Focus on Health Recovery vs. Disease Treatment
  • See the Common Denominator in all Addictions and Mental Illness
  • Prevent Stress and Burnout in Counselors

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