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Videos featuring Author and addiction expert Joe Bailey, M.A., L.P. on 3 principles psychology, addiction, emotional burnout, innate health, and more. 

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Listen-Episode 59: Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane! with Joseph Bailey

In this episode, I have Joseph Bailey, Licensed Psychologist, psychotherapist, and author. Joe has been in the 3 principles field since 1980 when he was fortunate to learn of a paradigm shift happening in psychology, as discovered by Sydney Banks. It was in its infancy but showed promise in illuminating the constant principles behind all human experience, whether in people with mental dysfunction or very successful people who were functioning at levels of creativity, resilience, performance, and success.

Watch the video from this event by the 3 Principles Global Community

Originally Aired Wednesday, August 11th with Joe Bailey on the Topic: Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane— Finding your Innate Resilience in Our Challenging Times

Pre-order the new book “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane, Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times” online:

Watch Happier.NOW: Episode 37

“Slowing down to the Speed of Life – with Joe Bailey”

This is a special episode of Lyckligare.NU / Happier.NOW in English. In this episode, Niklas and Philip have our new friend Joe Bailey as a guest. This is a really wonderful conversation and we had such a great time while recording this episode.

The Three Principles is about finding our inner guidance system.

More from “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane, Finding Your Innate Resilience in our Challenging Times.”

I wanted to share something with you today, my wife Michael got an email from one of the guys who went through the Beyond Recovery program in the UK. He had a life of severe alcoholism. Matter of fact, he’d just got out of the hospital two weeks earlier, suspecting cirrhosis of the liver. He was inspired by one of Michael’s poems in my book to write his own poem and he wanted to share it with us.

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Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Father Payton encouraged all of us to volunteer to work on the Southside of Chicago with Dr King’s organization called Unity and Slums. So every Wednesday afternoon, we’d go into the Southside of Chicago as brave, young, white seminarians going door to door, trying to encourage people to join Dr King’s union to end slums.. Continue Reading

Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: Gratitude for Essential Workers!

I’m grateful, especially to those who have been serving us that are first responders, frontline workers and health care. All of the people in our restaurants or grocery stores, all the people who are helping us to get through these times and take care of our physical health, our mental health and all of our needs. Continue Reading

Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: Seeing Beyond our Differences

Thriving in the unknown. Hope lies inside. It’s already there. When our mind clears of all the thoughts, of the fears, the only thing that exists in this moment is our thinking in this moment, in the present moment. And when we reside in that present moment, were residing in mind, we’re residing in our innate health. Continue Reading

Mid-December FaceBook Update: “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane”
“The echo is the the result of when we touch mind, when we touch that essence of who we are. We’ve been doing it all of our lives by the way, we’ve had little taps on the shoulder from time to time: you call this person and it’s just the right time that you made that call. You could call it intuition, or you could call it luck… whatever you call it, what I’m pointing to is that there’s the power of mind and it has many echoes in our life from the mundane and the simple to profound social change.” Like my FaceBook Page
December FaceBook Update: “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane”
Help me add your input as I finish my new book: “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane” Finding your innate resilience in our challenging times. . Like my FaceBook Page
New Book Update: Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane
This book will address how is it that we can utilize the new paradigm of the Three Principles Psychology to maintain our calm and to actually thrive and flourish in this uncertain new normal time that we’re in. Continue Reading
Joe Bailey – Remembering Our Connection to Mind

From my blog article: Reawakening our connection to Universal Mind during times of emotional crisis.
All of us can lose our mind, at times. We talk about all kinds of matters of the mind, whether it’s stress, dealing with a pandemic, or lots of different topics.

Joe Bailey – How to make the most of The Three Principles during this time of reflection

From my blog article: We could call it a time of reflection, or a time to wake up.
Because of the Covid-19 quarantine, as well as new crisis occurring on the horizon, this has been a time of reflection.

Joe Bailey – Even During Winter Nature is Preparing for New Life

From my blog article: We can allow the pandemic to be a time for regeneration.  I want to talk a little bit about this lockdown we’re in, this winter of the human creation because, for me, it has been a time of great reflection.

Fearproof the Pandemic Webinar #1 with Joe Bailey & Jacqueline Hollows
Fearproof the Pandemic: Why I wrote “Fearproof Your Life”

From my Blog Article: “Fearproof the Pandemic” Hello, everybody. This is Joe Bailey, I know what’s on your mind. It’s what’s on all of our minds at this point. And that’s the Covid-19 virus. There’s a concurrent virus that’s happening. And that’s the virus of fear. I’m not immune to fear, even though I wrote a book called “Fear proof your life” in 2008.

“Fearproof the Pandemic” Episode #1 with Joe & Jacqueline Hollows

This is the first of three episodes from the Free Webinar Series “Fearproof the Pandemic.” I speak on this topic, and I teach this to my my clients every day, how their mind works. None of us are completely immune from catching the fear virus. But understanding where experience is coming from and how our thought is creating it will help strengthen our psychological immune system.

“Watch Episode #2 of Fearproof the Pandemic Webinar with Barbara Smith and Christian McNeill “Transformation in Recovery”
In the second episode Christian and Barbara expand the 3 Principles of Psychology for drug and alcohol treatment and beyond.
A conversation with Del Adey-Jones
Joe Bailey on Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones

Del Adey-Jones helps people experience a happier, more fulfilling and peaceful life regardless of your external circumstances through the understanding of The 3 Principles. She is also the host of “Insightful Conversations and this episode features Joe Bailey.

A conversation with Barbara Smith
Joe Bailey & Barbara Smith – Corona Virus & Bridging the Gap
In this wonderful conversation with Joe Bailey and Barbara Smith we delve into a few great topics including the upcoming 3P addiction conference, the public response to the Corona virus and ways to bridge the gap between existing recovery programs.
Conference Postponed! Videos for "T​he principles of addiction recovery"
Exploring a new paradigm for transformation.
Formerly May 14th, now planned for the fall 2020, these two days were intended to illuminate the misunderstandings of our current paradigm of psychology that has innocently held us back in our effort to guide clients to a transformational experience that is whole, sustainable, and changes all dimensions of their lives—not just sobriety.
The Principles of Addiction Recovery Conference Update
Thank you so much for your efforts planning The Principles of Addiction Recovery Conference. We were ready to do a marketing blitz noting: “This conference would be ideal for professionals in addiction recovery as well as family members or friends of people in recovery, or people in recovery themselves. It’s not for practitioners and professionals only!
A New Paradigm for Transformation in Addiction with the Three Principles: a conversation with Joe and Amy Johnson
What has been the missing link in awakening transformation in recovery? What is it when we see the “light bulb go off” in our clients and how do we help them sustain and grow that transformational process?This conference will answer these questions and more, by introducing a new paradigm based on principles
Joe Bailey Featured on "Beyond addiction."
Why is the health of the helper so important?

In Beyond Addiction Episode 6, “The health of the helper,” Barnett Gilmer, CEO of Gulf Breeze Recovery, and the author of five books on recovery and addiction, including the forthcoming book “The Transformation Principle,” Author Joe Bailey, talk about the importance of caregivers being in their own state of optimal mental health. For caregivers and staff, it’s imperative to maintain their innate well being as well.

After a loved one returns from treatment, how do we make space for the family’s recovery?

In Beyond Addiction Episode 7, “The health of the family,” Barnett Gilmer, CEO of Gulf Breeze Recovery, and the author of five books on recovery and addiction, including the forthcoming book “The Transformation Principle,” Author Joe Bailey, talk about the importance of the family’s recovery after their loved one returns from treatment.

Golden Moments Podcast
“Golden Moments Podcast” Excerpt

In this excerpt from Joe Bailey’s Golden Moments interview, Joe shares insights about Sydney Banks, the Three Principles; and how they advanced the field of Psychology and Joe’s personal beliefs

“Golden Moments Podcast” Interview (15mins)

Joe Bailey discusses the impact that learning the three principles of psychology directly from Sydney Banks had on him professionally and personally.

3-Principles Psychology Videos
Joe Bailey – The Evolution of Recovery

Addiction, Alcoholism & The 3 Principles–In this conversation with Joe Bailey we explore the evolution of addiction recovery and the future of recovery using the 3 Principles.

3PGC Webinar with Joe Bailey

Three Principles Global Community–“Beyond Burnout”—How the Three Principles Paradigm Points Us Towards Our Innate Resilience.

The Healing Power of the Mind

Joseph Bailey–Personal healing experience discussed by Joe.

3-Principles Webinar
Part 1: Joe Bailey Introduction

Innate Evolution–Introduction to best selling author and international speaker Joe Bailey.

Part 2: Joe Bailey, science of the three principles

Innate Evolution–Best selling author and international speaker Joe Bailey talks about the science of the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought.

Part 3: Joe Bailey, inside out and spiritual nature of 3P’s

Innate Evolution–Bestselling author and international speaker Joe Bailey talks about the ‘inside out’ nature of experience and the spiritual nature of the three principles

A conversation with Joe Bailey and Rudi Kennard

Innate Evolution–Joe and Rudi talk about how the three principles are similar to many things like religion, mind technologies, spiritual text, scientific theories and philosophy and at the same time how dissimilar they are.

3 Principles Global Community Webinars
The Art and Science of Resilience – 3 Principles Global Community

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Creativity – 3 Principles Global Community

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Teaching from Simplicity – 3 Principles Global Community

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