Slowing Down to the Speed of Life–in Bali

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Take time to slow down and rejuvenate.

I am in Bali, Indonesia, with my wife, Michael. She and I are at the end of this part of our trip in the tropics while there’s a foot of snow in Minnesota. We’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity to take time to rest and slow down and be rejuvenated.
It’s funny how, as an author, I wrote a book with Richard Carlson called “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life,” and here I am still learning that lesson, how to slow down to the speed of life.
I realize as my thoughts have quieted with each coming day here in Bali that I had gotten caught up again. My own busy life, like so many of us, especially at the holiday season with whatever way you celebrate.
It’s easy with all the things to do in preparation for family and getting presents and just the course of daily life, we get caught up in our thinking, again.

It’s still a process.

I’m reminded, as I slow down to the speed of life, that it’s a process of transformation, realizing our true identity is an ongoing thing, and we slip in and out of our awareness of our true identity.
This has been a time of reawakening, once again, what it feels like to just be me, to be “comfortable in my own skin,” at a deeper level.
I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and let this be a time to slow down to the speed of life so we can appreciate our friends and family, all the blessings that we receive, and the gift of being alive.
Take time to reflect and get a clear vision for the coming year, this beautiful life that you’ve all been given; we all get to appreciate it.

Thank you and goodbye from Bali, Indonesia