“Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane Podcast.” Season 2 Suspended

Dear Podcast Listener,

Who would have thought “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane” would become autobiographical?

Circumstances have come up in my life that have led to a decision to temporarily go on sabbatical from my podcasts and trainings till the end of this year when I will reevaluate my decision. There are immediate and practical items that need a lot of my time and attention. I will postpone this podcast series until the appropriate time to begin them again.

Through a series of coincidences and insights, Michael and I have decided to demolish our house of 40 years and rebuild on the same site. Our doctor had us do some tests and through the results we realized that we have a high level of mold in our bodies and our house is the cause. It has been an amazing series of insights and much help from others to bring this to our awareness. Once I was able to accept the changes, I began to see so many possibilities and so much great help from others. Having said that and accepting what this all entails, I realized that it will take all of my energy and attention for the near future. I will continue to see my current clients but put trainings, new clients, and podcasts on hold. I hope to resume the podcasts as soon as this “hurricane” has passed.

In the meantime, my website will still have all my previous recordings of the podcasts and other trainings available for free to all my subscribers and the public. I look forward to seeing how all this plays out. When I look back I see how magical life has been to solve problems that seemed impossible at the time. I see more deeply how this is always true, present circumstances are not an exception.

joe bailey thumbnailWith gratitude, Joe

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