Remembering our Connection to Mind

Reawakening our connection to Universal Mind during times of emotional crisis.

All of us can lose our mind, at times.

I was reflecting this week about the name of my Newsletter “Mind Matters.” It’s a little play on words about “matters of the mind.” We talk about all kinds of matters of the mind, whether it’s stress, dealing with a pandemic, or lots of different topics.

The foundational principle of the three principles is Mind, the universal energy, and intelligence, of all things.

image of man watching birds flyAnd all of us can feel like we are sometimes losing our mind, at times. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing mine. Just this a week, I was starting to get affected by all of the colliding catastrophes, tragedies, and challenges that we hear on the news every day. Whether it’s the George Floyd story and the triggering of all the social unrest and protests, the changes that are happening in our whole way of policing, or the pandemic.  It affects every aspect of our lives, from our livelihood to how we parent our kids, to our relationships, and our freedom of movement. And at some point, I had a mood and woke up feeling low. I could feel the collective angst, and It was at that moment, I realized I had lost my awareness of my connection to Universal Mind. I realized at that moment I was a prisoner of my thoughts, and I was just wrapped up in the feeling that we can’t get united on this, and we all can’t get on the same page I felt anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, looming in my mind.

Lucky for me and lucky for you, we have an inner compass to guide us back “home” to our inner wisdom.

When we are starting to lose our awareness of our connection to Mind, we have a way back, and that’s in that beautiful Principle of Consciousness or awareness that we can wake up from the unconscious trance of our thinking.

At that moment, we are “re-Minded.” Another play in on words, we are reminded, reconnected to Mind. When I got reconnected to Mind the other morning after having this cyclone of thought, I felt so relieved. That was the first feeling because I often call this “flat forehead” therapy because I’m always going, “oh it’s so simple how do I forget this?”  How is it that I’ve written books about this and teach this every day and work with clients,? It’s because thought is so tricky it’s such a fabulous hologram. It’s such a great hallucination that it appears as reality. Now I’m not saying that the pandemic and George Ford’s murder, and all these things that are going on in our world aren’t happening.

But in my experience, when I’m reminded. I’m connected to this universal life force and intelligence, that is my resilience. It is my mental health, and it allows me to be in the world that I’m in but not of it. I am the master of the ship. I know how to sail in all kinds of conditions and storms and unexpected doldrums and things that happen. A good captain knows how to navigate; we set the sails or wait it out. The understanding of these simple three principles is our compass, it’s our rudder, it’s our guidance system to reconnect us to this sense of who we are already, which is Universal Mind, the true divine self that we all are.


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