Season-2 of "Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane," is Currently On-Hold

ATTENTION! “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane Podcast.” Season 2, Originally Scheduled for September, Suspended Until Further Notice!

Dear Podcast Listener, Who would have thought “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane” would become autobiographical?

Circumstances have come up in my life that have led to a decision to temporarily go on sabbatical from my podcasts and trainings till the end of this year when I will reevaluate my decision. There are immediate and practical items that need a lot of my time and attention. I will postpone this podcast series until the appropriate time to begin them again.

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Season One

Episode #17 with Marina Galan 

(Airdate: June, 28th) “Sharing the 3 Principles understanding with the Spanish-speaking community worldwide”

“Marina has been instrumental in bringing the 3 Principles to a worldwide audience. She has created 3 Principles Spanish language forums and podcasts all over Latin America and Spain. She is an inspiring speaker, leader and coach.”

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Episode #16 with Joseph Nguyen

Airdate: May, 17th, “Helping others realize their divine purpose”

Joseph Nguyen is a spiritual thought leader who has a mission of helping others realize their divine purpose, unlock the infinite potential of their own mind, and live an abundant life free from psychological suffering. He spends most of his time writing, coaching, teaching, speaking, and sharing timeless wisdom to help people discover their own divinity from within and how they are the answer they’ve been looking for their entire lives.

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Episode #15 with Debbie Milam 

Airdate: April, 19th “Resilience: Life, Love, Death, and Everything in Between”

As an occupational therapist and a resiliency coach Debbie Milam loves to share her experience to give others hope.  

As a fellow traveler, she has lived through a catastrophic accident, loved people with addictions and emotional challenges, grieved the death of more than 40 loved ones, and faced her mortality numerous times due to primary immune deficiency. 

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Episode #14 with Omar Ben Moussa 

Airdate: March, 22nd “Seeing Beyond our Differences”

In the hurricane of our modern lives, many people are feeling fear, ungrounded, and vulnerable.

In this state of insecurity, we often look outside to experts, leaders, influencers, the media, to find something we can believe in, something to make us feel safe. When we look outside from fear and insecurity we are vulnerable to being manipulated by others to believe what they are saying, selling, promoting to the detriment of our own inner guidance and wisdom that lies within each of us. 

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Episode #13 with Joe Bailey

Airdate: February, 15th “Welcome Readers! To a Conversation with Joe Bailey, on Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane”

The timing for the recent publication of Joe Bailey’s new book, Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane, has been extremely auspicious given the events of the past two years. Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane is about finding your inner resilience and innate health in these turbulent times.

In his book, Joe combines his insights as a 3-Principles lecturer, speaker, author, and teacher, after being mentored and inspired by Sydney Banks over 30 years ago, with the contemporary experience of others who have successfully used the principles of mind, thought, and consciousness to create transformation in turbulent areas of the human experience.

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Episode #12 with with Denise Holland and Matt Roberts

Airdate: January 18th “Insight and Athletic Performance”

Denise Holland, Transformative Coaching Conversations. Denise spent over 30 years in elite sport, competing internationally as an athlete and more recently as the Scotland National Coach in netball. Since awakening to the Three Principles understanding behind the human experience, Denise feels she has found the jewel to athletic performance; it has transformed how she now approaches sports coaching, being more of a catalyst for insight rather than an expert in her field. However, Denise works with people in all areas and ages, ready for sustainable change and enhanced performances in life and work.

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Episode #11 with Robin Charbrit, Sandra M. Krot, and Kenneth Manning, PH.D.

Airdate: December 14th “Reimagining the Workplace”

For many of us, work has become stressful, exhausting, and often overwhelming. I was raised on the belief that the more stressed I was, the more likely I would be successful. I now see that working from a calm and inspired mind is one of the main secrets to success. The old saying, “Happy go lucky” is so true. When we are in our resilient mind, we see the bigger picture, we have more creative and innovative ideas, and we see unlimited possibilities instead of obstacles getting in our way. Our next podcast is about an organization whose purpose is to help business leaders understand the nature of their minds so that they can respond to the ever-changing landscape of the business world with a quiet mind and insight.

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Episode #10 with Amy Johnson, Ph.D., and Mahima Shrestha

Airdate: November 23rd “Renaissance of Resilience”

In this podcast, I have two world-renowned speakers, Amy Johnson, Ph.D., and Mahima Shrestha, whose life purpose is to bring resilience and mental clarity to people who are in crisis, challenges, and extreme circumstances by teaching them the Principles of the Mind and how understanding these Principles leads to being resilient.

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Episode #9 with Mavis Karn, Judy Sedgeman, and Officer Jerry Williams

Airdate: November 2nd “Seeing Beyond Our Differences”

Featuring Mavis Karn, Judy Sedgeman, and Officer Jerry Williams, we have three guests transforming the troubled communities using the understanding we share with the Three Principles of Psychology (3P’s)

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Episode #8 with Lisa Portinga, Bryan Johnson, Danielle Guinaugh, and Jacqueline Hollows

Airdate: October 12th “Transforming Addiction Treatment”

Featuring Lisa Portinga, Bryan Johnson, Danielle Guinaugh, and Jacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ) Our guests are all professionals that are changing the face of addiction treatment and creating therapies that employ the three principles of psychology, getting beyond addiction and down to the root cause of addictive thinking.

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Episode #7 with Barb Aust, Christa Campsall, Brooke Wheeldon-Reese, and Gary Johnson

Airdate: September 21st “Transforming Schools, Children, Parents, and Education”

“Resilience in Action: Transforming Schools, Children, Parents, and Education”. with Barb Aust, Christa Campsall, Brooke Wheeldon-Reese, and Gary Johnson. Three guests in this episode are transforming the way education is experienced by everyone involved including schools, children, parents, and the education system itself!

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Episode #6 with Michael Neill

Airdate: August 31st Internationally renowned transformative coach and best-selling author

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of six books including Supercoach, Creating the ImpossibleThe Inside-Out Revolution, and The Space Within. Michael is often described as the ‘coach’s coach,’ and commands extraordinary respect within his field for unleashing the human potential with intelligence, humor, and heart.​

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Episode #5 with Cynthia Stennis, Lloyd Fields, and Joyce Davis 

Airdate: August 10th “Using the Principles for Community Transformation”

We had three awesome guests: Cynthia Stennis, Lloyd Fields, and Joyce Davis work with housing projects in the Bronx, Miami, and South Carolina. Even though it was an intimate group for the live zoom event, folks who just popped in began to stay, transfixed by the power of the speakers, and their active role in making history with their activities in some of the most dangerous and underserved housing projects in the United States.

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Episode #4 with Jacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ), Omar Wilson, Derrick Mason, and Pete Mears

Airdate: July 20th “Transforming Corrections and Inmates in Recovery”

We had four powerful guests, Jacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ), Omar Wilson, Derrick Mason, and Pete Mears, featured in my upcoming book “THRIVING IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, UNLOCKING RESILIENCE IN TURBULENT TIMES” appearing live on our podcast. They each had an amazing message and some great dialogue from our participants made it one of our best episodes yet! Here’s a small introduction to each of our guests.

Episode #3 with Chana Studley and John El-Mokadem

Airdate: June 29th “Healing from Chronic Illness and Feeling Safe in an Insecure World.”

Guests Chana Studley and John El-Mokadem share their stories of transformation in dealing with chronic pain and chronic illness, as well as surviving the recent conflict in the middle east. 

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Episode #2 with Debbie Milam, Louise O’Daliagh, and Teresa Walding

Airdate: June 8th “The Principles applied in the field of healthcare and care-givers”

I was extremely honored and excited about our guests: Debbie Milam, Louise O’Daliagh, and Teresa Walding, who are three amazing women who push the frontiers of applying the principles in the field of healthcare, and the wider topic of caregiving. We had a great second episode, and over 22 participants on our live meeting so it was lively, yet intimate and everyone was touched by the spirit and energy in the room!

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Episode #1 with Beverly Wilson Hayes

Airdate: May 18th “Using the Principles in recovery”

Beverley Wilson Hayes has worked in the field of recovery for over three decades, creating and leading many recovery and self- discovery programs. She is world-renowned for her ability to connect as a Spiritual conduit and trainer of trainers. She was introduced to the Three Principles Psychology by her Mentor Dr. Roger Mills, thirty years ago. As a Certified Advanced Trainer of Trainers, and keynote speaker, her range of experience is vast. She has worked with diverse populations from high crime rate communities, correctional and educational systems, to corporate board rooms.

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