From Joe Bailey’s upcoming Book:

"The Transformation Principle."

Installments from
"The Transformation Principle"

As I finish my new book “The Transformation Principle” I am releasing installments about this new presentation of the 3-Principles in practical application by people facing life’s challenges.

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A poem by Rumi to a fetus
read by Joe Bailey


“THE TRANSFORMATION PRINCIPLE.”  Tapping into our inner guidance system.

One of the things I write about in my new book is how instinct in the monarch butterfly lets him know how to navigate tens of thousands of miles to the mountains of Mexico.


“THE TRANSFORMATION PRINCIPLE.” What Really happens when we “hit bottom?”

Hitting bottom is often when we actually begin the process of transformation, so that’s what I want to focus on today.


“THE TRANSFORMATION PRINCIPLE.” Sometimes life hands us an opportunity disguised as a problem.

Sometimes life hands us a problem, but what looks like a problem is an opportunity disguised as a problem. Recognizing this helps us realize a deeper understanding of how the principles of mind, thought, and consciousness, work. We can stay encouraged and move forward.

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Future Installments:

Please watch for future installments. I may be announcing on my facebook page or just come back soon.