Meeting Sydney Banks by Joe Bailey

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Joe Bailey discusses the impact that learning the Three Principles of Psychology directly from Sydney Banks had on him professionally and personally.

This Golden Moments series is a teaching tool and a resource for the people who are teaching addiction and also to people who are still troubled by addiction and can’t find that happiness and contentment within themselves to the degree where they either let go of the addiction, or have far less of it.

In this interview with author Joe Bailey, we highlight the wisdom of Sydney Banks, the spiritual and psychological nature of the three principles with guest Joe Bailey who talks about the evolution of addiction recovery and also his journey with Sydney Banks.

As Joe explains: “I first met Syd back in 1980, 38 years ago. I was burned out because of the way that I was trained to work in addiction. We were battling the disease. We operated under the assumption that people had this disease and that you had to break the ego defenses through a lot of confrontation, often a lot of judgment, and a lot of painful process-oriented therapy.”

Watch full interview: Joe Bailey’s 15:00 Minute Golden Moments interview, Joe shares insights about Sydney Banks, the Three Principles; and how they advanced the field of Psychology and Joe’s personal beliefs.

I was completely taken by Syd's Presence.

image of Sydney Banks for Joe Bailey and Associates blog post from interview with Joe Bailey about Sydney Banks

When I met Syd and Scottie and a small group of people in Coral Gables, Florida the first thing that struck me was that these people had a light heart and there was a joyfulness and true happiness about them that I had not witnessed in my professional colleagues for a long time.

Something was attractive to me about that even though I was very cynical and skeptical. I was kind of closed-minded, but luckily for me, my heart won over my brain. I was completely taken by Syd’s presence.

His presence, his humor, his joy, and his absolute knowing of the truth, it shook me up big-time, but when I heard him, I started to have my own insights, and I started seeing the power and the simplicity of seeing thought at the moment as the foundation of my emotions, my experience, my perceptions, everything, it was the whole ball of wax.

Syd helped me see we're already designed perfectly; we're complete, we're whole, we have everything we need the within.

Sydney uncovered the science behind the truth that is in AA, Christianity, in Buddhism, that is in every religion, and that is in every human being. The simple way that Syd explained how life works from the inside out, that we’re living in a world of thought from birth to death, and that all we’re ever feeling in the moment is our thinking in the moment was profound.

Joe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind through the inside-out understanding obtained through the three-principles of mind, body, and thought