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Joe Bailey at The Viva Event – The Transformative Journey of Joe Bailey

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What’s It All About?

In my transformative journey, I’ve understood the deep emotional conflicts accompanying change. Like the broader human experience, my story reflects the struggle with ingrained beliefs and unexpected challenges that propel personal growth. Beneath the professional façade, I’ve discovered a core humanity that yearns for genuine mental health and inner peace, a journey familiar to many.

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin With Me

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, and people interested in my work,

image of joe and Michael baileyFirst of all I want to wish all of you a very blessed and happy holiday, whatever your religion or belief. This past year has been a particularly challenging year for humanity with all the wars, societal division, fear about the economy, the drastic changes in the health of our planet, and our personal challenges. It is my wish for you that you find the gratitude for the gifts you have been given and the courage to face whatever challenges you may be having in your health, finances, and other factors in your life.

When I was a young boy, at the holiday season we would learn many Christmas carols and sing them at the Holiday Pageant. The one that always rang a bell of truth for me was: “Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin With Me”. I didn’t fully realize the full power and truth of that until much later in my life. I now see in my work as a psychologist and consultant to organizations, that when people are calm, hopeful, resilient, they are better able to come up with creative solutions for the myriad problems they face and to do it in a spirit of hope and positivity.

When we find the true source of peace that is our birthright, we spread that peace and understanding to all those we affect. Forty three years ago I met Sydney Banks whose profound realization of the principles of psychology changed the course of my work and my personal life. Since meeting Syd I have taught these Principles to my clients, written several books about them, and traveled the world teaching other professionals, and ordinary people the power of the understanding of the mind to bring about the peace on earth that the wise have always spoken of.

home under constructionLife is not without challenges as our last year can attest to. We found out through our doctor that we were becoming very ill from the contamination of our home with mold. In September we had our home demolished and we decided to rebuild a new home on the same site. We are grateful to all the contractors, our niece Hannah, the architect, help from friends and neighbors to assist us in finding the right people to do the job. Now we are hoping to be able to move in by sometime in the Spring. It is going to be a wonderful and healthy new home. For that and for those who helped us we are very grateful.

This past October and November, my wife Michael and I were fortunate to travel to Spain for the first time with my goddaughter Elizabeth and her husband Vineet who graciously made all the arrangements. It was the trip of a lifetime seeing the beauty of Spain and the warmth and joy of its people. The impetus for the trip was an invitation to do a coach and counselor training program and give the keynote at a Three Principles Viva Event in Albrir, Spain. The focus of my talk was how realizing the Principles was the key to finding peace on earth in the challenging times we are in. My gift to you is to share that talk with you that may help you find the inner peace we all yearn for.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you all!

–  Joe and Michael Bailey

Joe Bailey at The Viva Event – What’s It All About? The Transformative Journey of Joe Bailey continued…

image of VIVA logoMetaphorically speaking, life often resembles a hurricane, filled with tumultuous moments. Finding serenity amid this chaos becomes essential. I’ve learned that this serenity lies within us, an innate resilience and mental well-being often overlooked in traditional psychology. A quiet center, an “eye of the hurricane,” offers calm and clarity despite external storms.

Change doesn’t always arrive as anticipated. My shift in perspective wasn’t immediate; it required personal curiosity, the encouragement of a dear friend, and a magnetic attraction to new truths. Profound growth often emerges from the convergence of personal and professional aspects, bridging gaps previously unnoticed.

Truth possesses a magnetic allure. When we encounter genuine insights, they awaken something fundamental within us. Embracing new perspectives challenges our understanding, leading to deeper, more authentic mental health.

joe bailey thumbnail


It’s just so true. And when you hear the truth, you know it because it’s who you are is the truth in mind.” Joe Bailey

Touching on environmentalism, I’ve realized the link between inner resilience and global challenges. Our inner strength sustains our engagement in critical battles, such as those against climate change. Bailey’s narrative underscores the importance of fostering a healthy psychological environment, which is crucial for personal well-being and effecting meaningful changes in the world.

Bailey’s insights delve into the interplay between psychological well-being and environmental stewardship. Mind, Thought and Consciousness principles extend beyond individual therapy, shaping how we approach societal challenges, including environmental preservation. We realign actions with the greater good by embracing natural inspiration and discernment.

The journey unveiled unexpected economic consequences of rapid healing, paralleling the challenge within environmental economics. Rapid healing disrupts traditional economic models, emphasizing the greater good achieved through genuine and expedited recovery.

As my understanding evolved, so did my professional partnerships. Shifting paradigms necessitated realignment within collaborative settings, mirroring society’s need for adaptive dynamics in the face of evolutionary imperatives.

The concept of interconnectedness resonates deeply, extending beyond personal relationships. Acknowledging our connection within a larger universal mind impacts how we perceive and respond to the world. Understanding the psychological foundations of human interaction informs how we approach societal challenges.

My experiences reinforce the transformative power of understanding the principles. These personal transformations pave the way for collective shifts, contributing to a transition toward more conscious and connected communities.

The journey of writing revealed the unpredictability of creativity. Surrendering to inspiration rather than adhering to a rigid structure led to profound and impactful writing moments.

Encountering resistance from traditional models underscored the tension arising when established norms confront new paradigms. Yet, despite initial hurdles, groundbreaking ideas possess the potential to reshape thinking in the long run.

As I anticipate sharing my autobiography, My Magic Carpet Ride, I embrace life’s wonders and unexpected turns. Tapping into the wisdom of the mind unlocks limitless potential, guiding us to extraordinary destinations.

“My new book that’s bubbling up is my Magic Carpet Ride. And it’s an autobiography that I will tell the miracles, the unexpected things that happened in my life on this unbelievable magic carpet.” Joe Bailey

In closing, genuine connection and the spirit of teachings resonate deeply. Embracing inherent wisdom guides our lives toward unforeseen prosperity and fulfillment.