Excerpt from “The Transformation Principle.” Joe Bailey’s upcoming book. Installment two.

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Installment-2 from Joe Bailey's "The Transformation Principle." "What Really happens when we "hit bottom?"

Today on this podcast, I’d like to talk a little bit more about my upcoming book, “The Transformation Principle” and specifically today what I want to focus on is that time we could call hitting bottom. In aa, they say “I hit bottom,” or we “hit the wall” or “painted into a corner” and we’re just kind of “up against it.”

Whatever it is that had served us in the past, whatever ways we’ve used to cope with life, whether it be alcohol, drugs, a busy mind, being addicted to the Internet, workaholism whatever our coping mechanism was it seems to have quit working.

We're kind of at a loss, and that is often times where we begin another transformation.

Hitting bottom is often when we actually begin the process of transformation, so that’s what I want to focus on today.

Before we begin, let’s consider this poem by one of my favorite Indian Poets, Rumi:

Poem by Rumi: Talking to a human fetus

​Think how it is to have a conversation with an embryo.

You might say, ‘The world outside is vast and intricate.
There are wheat fields and mountain passes,
and orchards in bloom.

At night there are millions of galaxies, and in sunlight
the beauty of friends dancing at a wedding.’

You ask the embryo why he, or she, stays cooped up
in the dark with eyes closed.

Listen to the answer.
There is no ‘other world.’

I only know what I’ve experienced.
You must be hallucinating.

Jalaluddin Rumi, ‘The Essential Rumi

We're trapped in an egg shell of thought.

Life deals us a blow and it cracks a little bit of that egg.

So before we really can see through to our true essence, we must understand that we’re trapped in an eggshell of our ego. We’re trapped in an egg shell of our thought system and all the things that we’ve come to believe, all the things that we’d come to identify as who we are and life deals us a blow and it cracks a little bit of that egg.

The world of our belief systems.

When this happens, a little bit of light comes down and that moment is sometimes an opportunity for humility, hope, and a willingness to look deeper and to see something beyond the world of the embryo that we’ve known, the world of the ego.

image of cracked egg for the new book by Joe Bailey called "The Transformation Principle"
We call hitting bottom myth because it's not the hitting bottom that wakes us up it's the waking up from hitting bottom that's the turning point.

“Each person’s downward spiral is unique, with infinite variability. Just read the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Psychological Disorders and see the many ways human beings innocently lose their way to awakening. It is an ever-growing list of labels and diseases; for some, the ego takes the form of addiction, or things such as food, shopping, and possessions, power, sex, and relationships. For some, it takes the form of mental illness, depression, anxiety, and psychosis. For others, the ego takes the form of victimhood, perpetrator, violence, greed, or psychopathy and mental illness in all its forms. The list is too long for us to enumerate.

Some personas appear positive, as in workaholism, self-righteous religiosity, rigidity and superficiality, little do we know that understanding the simple principles of human experience is the antidote to all these problems. If we are fortunate to become aware at some point that our coping mechanisms no longer work, and we are painted into a corner and the only way out is up. we may turn to others for help. Or we may turn within and become open to something beyond our current understanding of life. We make room for new thinking and humility through insight, illumination, and then transformation. We let go of one side of the river, and reach for the other side. This is the turning point.”

Transformation is a process.

In my life, even though I’ve had the good fortune to have an understanding of these principles, I’ve sunk back into another shell of belief and thought, so this is an ongoing process.

When I had my Lyme’s disease, as I talked about on another video, that was one of those points where I felt so trapped in my pain, my illness, and my identity, I once again found humility. My beliefs collapsed, and that was a transformation, again.

So, that’s a little glimpse into the book “The Transformation Principle,” I’ll continue to be sharing those with you, thank you.

–Joe Bailey

Joe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind through the inside-out understanding obtained through the three-principles of mind, body, and thought