Excerpt from “The Transformation Principle.” Joe Bailey’s upcoming book. Installment three.

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Installment-3 from Joe Bailey's "The Transformation Principle." "Sometimes life hands us an opportunity disguised as a problem."

My upcoming book is for those of you who are interested in self-realization and transformation.

Whether through my newsletter, website, YouTube, or Facebook, I want to talk about something helpful to a lot of the people with whom I’ve worked. Once we get on the train of self-realization and transformation, we have all these aha moments. We have insights, our life starts feeling better, but sooner or later we inevitably hit a wall and fall back into our old habitual thinking. Insecure thinking, addictions, doubt that I get this at all, we begin to lose hope again. We begin to doubt the insights that we had were real. Were we hearing that voice of wisdom and insight speaking from within, or not?
Sometimes life hands us a problem, but what looks like a problem is an opportunity disguised as a problem. Recognizing this helps us realize a deeper understanding of how the principles of mind, thought, and consciousness, work. We can stay encouraged and move forward.

From Joe Bailey on this third chapter in the forthcoming, “The Transformation Principle:”

We can’t control when insight will arrive but we can prevent getting in the way of it happening. As we connect again with the Essence of who we are, willingness, openness and humility begin to appear along with more insights taking us deeper and deeper into our wisdom.

When I first learned the principles 38 years ago I was a very anxious, stressed and burned out professional. After my initial insights of how reality is being created, I returned home to my chaotic life. At each step of falling back into my old habits, it would eventually dawn on me, “My schedule or challenging day isn’t stressing me, it’s my thinking now about my day that is stressing me.” (I created the schedule and can change that too!)

And then the simplicity of the Truth would hit me and I would relax. My perception of the day would shift and everything would smooth out. Each time I fell back into old habitual stressful thinking I would see it again and have a deeper insight. Eventually, my burnout was gone and all my stressful clients appeared not stressful at all. As I changed within, my outside world appeared to change as well. 


For the past 38 years, this has been my life:

  1. I get reactive to something,
  2. I feel emotionally imbalanced
  3. I remember who is creating my experience
  4. My feelings and my perception shift with this awareness
  5. New and deeper insight appears about how life is actually created

Although I re-lapse back to “Outside-In” thinking, with my growing understanding, the trajectory is no longer a downward spiral of hamster wheel thinking.

I used to get stuck in an old pattern of habitual thinking, and act like the hamster, running faster in the same old thinking that didn’t work. Now it is a trajectory of insight, evolution and built-in self correction. That can happen for you and everyone once we insightfully see how life actually works to  create our unique experience of it.

This simple logic had eluded me and most of humanity for aeons. As the old saying goes: “Insanity is doing the same thinking and behavior repeatedly expecting a different result.”

Our lives don’t change till our thinking changes and with a change in our level of understanding of how our life is created, we naturally have more insightful new thinking. This is the process of transformation to discover our true identity. It is not a place we arrive at, but a trajectory that leads to ongoing insight, evolution, and self-correction. Life becomes more of an adventure than survival. Onward and upward!

Joseph Bailey, M.A., L.P.