Excerpt from “The Transformation Principle.” Joe Bailey’s upcoming book. Installment one.

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Installment-1 from Joe Bailey's "The Transformation Principle." "Tapping into our inner guidance-system."

One of the things I write about in my new book is how instinct in the monarch butterfly lets him know how to navigate tens of thousands of miles to the mountains of Mexico.

They have no handbook, they have no website for this, they know, and they’re just doing what feels right. So there’s a flow to nature, and that’s just one example. When a forest is destroyed by a forest fire, within a few years, it’s back to where it was. It’s very resilient, and that is what we access when we tap into that innate resilience, to that innate happiness, rather than swimming up the stream, we’re going down the stream. When that happens, we see an opportunity; we avoid obstacles, we avoid near misses more quickly, because we have better intuition. Our mind is not cluttered with a lot of extraneous thinking; it’s a clear channel so that we can navigate life more effectively.