Even During Winter Nature is Preparing for New Life

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We can allow the pandemic to be a time for regeneration.

first buds of springI want to talk a little bit about this lockdown we’re in, this winter of the human creation because, for me, it has been a time of great reflection.

I wrote a book called “Slowing down to the speed of life.” and another one called “Slowing down to the speed of love.” But I’m finally starting to realize the depth of what that means because if you don’t understand where your experience is coming from, the experience can be frightening, tedious, anxiety-producing, and can affect our mental health.

Newly revised and updated to address the increased stress of our modern times, Slowing Down to the Speed of LifeBut when we understand the nature of how we create our experience, which is what my life’s work is all about, our mind can be this powerful force of creation, so we’re part of the same nature that the animals and the plants and all of life is a part of.

So during this period, right now, you’re planting the seeds for your new life. This new era of your life, and we’re all collectively the seeds for a whole new era, the more we can tap into our inspiration and creativity.

So I’d like to leave you with this short animated video, my dear friend, Rudi, and Jules Canard made about what are the three principles.

I encourage you to click on it and watch it at your leisure. And if you have any comments about it, please write to me, I’d love to hear from you. We have opened up comments for this blog post below.

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