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Creating The New Year From Inspiration

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image of joe and Michael baileyOn the first day of every new year my wife and I take a moment to reflect on the last year with gratitude and open ourselves to insights and possibilities yet to come for the new year. During this time, we wonder… ‘what have we realized this past year that’s been awakening and inspiring to ourselves and others? Secondly, what are our dreams, hopes and inspirations for the year to come?’

new book cover for 2021 was a year of creativity as we pulled inward during the pandemic when travel was very limited.

We stayed home making our home and yard more comfortable and beautiful. I saw my clients on zoom and did my talks and trainings all virtually. In the quiet and peace of that solitude my wife Michael and I each wrote a book—mine, “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane,” was released in November, and her’s a book of poetry and art,“Message From the Sun,” hopefully to be released in the coming year.

2021 was a gift of quiet reflection and creation

I feel blessed to know that all the answers to life’s questions lie within. I saw deeper than before, that both questions and answers are inspired from within.

As we’re trusting in Mind—the source of all wisdom and the guidance of insight—we will feel more resilient, balanced, inspired, and fulfilled. Our hearts and the wisdom that lies within are always there to help us create “new worlds” in our personal and collective lives.

The Principles are the inner compass that guides us away from fear and ego and towards inner peace and moments of clarity. Trust the wisdom that lies within and your dreams will come to fruition in the New Year and beyond.

Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart, Joe

Upcoming Events
image of young womanJanuary 10

Transforming New Year’s Health Resolutions into Health Realizations
Hennepin County Medical Center, Whittier Clinic, Minneapolis

 January 18 1-2PM CST

Podcast: Insight and Athletic Performance”  An interview with coaches Denise Holland and Matt Roberts
Meeting ID: 819 693 3475
Passcode: Thrive

February 2

Radio Interview with Joe Bailey and Will Steger, Arctic Explorer and Climate Change Leader on Being Resilient in the Face of the Global Climate Crisis
“Moment of Truth” YouTube show (Santa Cruz, CA)

February 14

“Remap Your Valentine” with Joe and Michael Bailey, Ann Marie Pearman, UK>

February 15

Podcast: Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane—A Conversation with Joe Bailey on the Book and Questions and Insights from My Readers
Meeting ID: 819 693 3475
Passcode: Thrive

February 16, 7-8 PM

Book signing and presentation on Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane
Magers and Quinn Bookstore
(Preregister with the bookstore as space is limited to 50)