You are currently viewing Watch Now! A Conversation with Joe Bailey, on Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane

Watch Now! A Conversation with Joe Bailey, on Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane

How do we learn to thrive and find our inner resilience during these turbulent times?

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Postscript: February 16th, 2022.

Since publishing this article last month we finally got together for the live meeting on February 15th at 1 p.m. (CDT). We were a little more excited than usual because we test drove a new format, or a modification, or experiment if you will, and it went great! We envisioned, after the publication of the book “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane,” that it would be fun to open up the format to include an informal and direct dialogue with the readers of the book, other practitioners, and guests of the podcast. I just hope everyone else shared Michael and I’s experience because we had a great time with all of you and look forward to more episodes like the one we just aired, hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy as well, Thanks, Joe.

Original Post: January 24th, 2022.

The timing for the recent publication of Joe Bailey’s new book, Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane, has been extremely auspicious given the events of the past two years. Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane is about finding your inner resilience and innate health in these turbulent times. 

In his book, Joe combines his insights as a 3-Principles lecturer, speaker, author, and teacher, after being mentored and inspired by Sydney Banks over 30 years ago, with the contemporary experience of others who have successfully used the principles of mind, thought, and consciousness to create transformation in turbulent areas of the human experience.

Wherever dysfunction and breakdown occur within human affairs, whether it be within the family dynamic, relationships, education, community, and wherever else we show up and experience life, the ongoing buildup of frustration over unresolved issues seems to be reaching a point of critical in-sustainability. Our families suffer addiction and new levels of stress than ever before, while our health and education systems are failing to meet the needs they are supposed to serve the prisons and distressed communities continue to grow instead of shrink, becoming systemic failures as well.

My next podcast will be just me answering all questions my readers and podcasters have after reading my book or listening to the podcasts. Should be fun and informative. Feel-free to send me your questions ahead of time by filling out this form.

young man on zoom screenWhat is anyone supposed to do and where does a person even begin to unravel the complex problems we seem to be faced with daily? To further address these questions and go deeper into their answers I have launched this podcast to interview the people I wrote about and invite my readers and guests to ask questions. It has become a valuable tool extending the power of the book through conversation.

image of mavis karnThriving in the Eye of the Hurricane is not a podcast about these problems, but about their solutions.

Joe’s podcast “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane” is about taking the experiences of the people interviewed in the book, and the understanding of these principles that he has dedicated his books and life’s work to teaching, and making it available to the readers in a live setting where the readers, authors, and practitioners can dialogue with the rest of us who need this understanding in our own lives, work, and relationships.

How do we be the change we wish to see?

This is Joe’s way of helping bring this transformational understanding to those who need it, and more image of Beverley Wilson Hayesimportantly, those who want it enough to invest their energy and attention into practicing the 3-Principles of Psychology in their daily lives. So, join folks like Beverley Wilson Hayes, Debbie Milam, Louise O’Daliagh, Teresa Walding, Chana Studley, John El-Mokadem, Jacqueline Hollows (aka MamaJ), Omar Wilson, Derrick Mason, Pete Mears, Cynthia Stennis, Lloyd Fields, Joyce Davis, Michael Neill, Barb Aust, Christa Campsall, Brooke, Gary Johnson, Danielle Guinaugh, Lisa Portinga, Jacqueline Hollows, Bryan Johnson, Mavis Karn, Judy Sedgeman, Officer Jerry Williams, Amy Johnson, Ph.D., and Mahima Shrestha, Robin Charbit, Sandra Krot, Ken Manning, Denise Holland, Matt Roberts, and more, as you join the dialogue in upcoming episodes.

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