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Joe Bailey has been a pioneer in his profession, weaving together ideas and insights on psychology and spirituality. In his twenties, he became a trainer of counselors in family therapy and addictions and introduced ideas of primary prevention of addictions to the treatment profession. Over the next thirty-five years, Joe helped pioneer revolutionary new psychology, Three Principles Psychology, which focused on seeing and actualizing health rather than the current disease model. These principles form the basis for psychology as a principle-based paradigm rather than our current fragmented view.


Meeting Sydney Banks by Joe Bailey

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I first met Syd back in 1980, 38 years ago. I was burned out because of the way that I was trained to work in addiction. We were battling the disease. We operated under the assumption that people had this disease and that you had to break the ego defenses through a lot of confrontation, often a lot of judgment, and a lot of painful process-oriented therapy.

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