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Guide to Growing Your Natural Resilience

What is Three Principles Psychology and How is the Human Experience Created?

Welcome. I’ve created this website to introduce The 3 Principles of Psychology, something that is transforming psychology and certainly transformed my own life. I hope this website will serve you as an essential guide to a RESILIENT LIFE that includes: Happiness, Connection, The ability to prevent Stress & Burnout, A Sense of Purpose, Freedom from Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety.


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Watch Happier.NOW: Episode 37

“Slowing down to the Speed of Life – with Joe Bailey”

This is a special episode of Lyckligare.NU / Happier.NOW in English. In this episode, Niklas and Philip have our new friend Joe Bailey as a guest. This is a really wonderful conversation and we had such a great time while recording this episode.

Watch episode #2 “Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane”

Three amazing women push the frontiers of healthcare applying the three principles

Welcome to a new podcast with Joe Bailey based on the new book by Joe Bailey “THRIVING IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, UNLOCKING RESILIENCE IN TURBULENT TIMES” In this episode: Debbie Milam, Louise O’Daliagh, and Teresa Walding.

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A podcast about addiction recovery and a higher power. Past episodes feature Rupert Spira and more.

Joe was featured to share the three principles of psychology with the show’s 12 step audience audience

3 Principles of Addiction Recovery Virtual Conference Video Now Only $99

For professionals, students, and individuals for whom addiction and co-occurring disorders have touched their lives

Day-1 Over 5 Hours of Content
  • Session 1 – Exploring a New Paradigm for Addiction, Recovery, and Transformation
  • Session 2 – A panel of testimonials from people whose recovery has been transformed through the 3 principles understanding
  • Session 3 – The Principles of the New Paradigm for Addictions
  • Session 4 – Panel on implications for family members and specific populations such as corrections and co-existing disorders
Day- 2 Over 6 Hours of Content with Bonus Material
  • Session 1 – Transformation and Spiritual Awakening
  • Session 2 – Panel on 3P self-help groups
  • Session 3 – Panel on introducing a health recovery model of treatment
  • Session 3 – Panel on introducing a health recovery model of treatment
  • Session 4 – Panel on the health of the helper
  • Session 5 & 6 – Introduction to Sydney Banks Video & Closing Remarks
  • Bonus materials and more!

Welcome to a new podcast with Joe Bailey based on the new book by Joe Bailey “THRIVING IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, UNLOCKING RESILIENCE IN TURBULENT TIMES” In this episode: Debbie Milam, Louise O’Daliagh, and Teresa Walding.

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My Purpose

Joe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind. Towards this end, he studied psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, eventually becoming a licensed psychologist.  For the past forty-six years, Joe’s desire to understand the connection between the psychological, physical and spiritual facets of human beings has pulled him into a deeper understanding of the whole person and away from the current fragmented view.  His search led to a health-based approach to counseling, prevention programs, workplace wellness and the attainment of a personal life of peace, joy and fulfillment for all people called Three Principles Psychology.

The New Paradigm
Turning Point

In 1980, I was fortunate to learn of a paradigm shift happening in psychology. It was in its infancy but showed promise in illuminating the constant principles behind all human experience–whether in people with mental dysfunction or very successful people who were functioning at levels of creativity, resilience, performance, and success.

Since that initial introduction to the new paradigm and realizing the principles personally in my own life, my whole approach to counseling and educating others began a dramatic shift towards helping to bring out the natural resilience in my clients and students vs. treating their symptoms and illnesses. Therefore, my therapy began to focus on educating my clients on how their mind works to create their personal psychological reality from the inside out, rather than rummaging through their past history for “why” they were unhappy, depressed, addicted, anxious, and so on. My clients were relieved and grateful that I was finally teaching them “to fish”, rather than making them dependent on years of counseling to keep them in supply of fresh fish. It was empowering to them and to me as their guide. I taught them something that gave them the understanding to continue to heal themselves and have insights about how to live their lives more effectively and successfully.

Don’t let fear rule your life. Throughout time, we have sought peace and safety by trying to outguess the unknown. We have tried to prepare for the unexpected and the apparitions of our minds. 

 In an age of 24-hour cable news, when we can stay glued to the latest terrorist attack or natural disaster, the next epidemic, and what the pundits tell us we should be afraid of, our efforts to control the unknown and keep ourselves safe have led to a collective as well as a personal sensation of fear. We have become addicted to fear.

- Joe Bailey, from: "Fearproof Your Life."