• September 13, Innate Health Center Webinar for University Students, London England: Why Can't I Stop: A New Look At Addictions
  • September18-22, Retreat for Staff at Gulf Breeze Recovery, Pensacola, Florida
  • October 21-22, Three Principles Virtual Conference, The Burnout Solution: How Healers Can Jumpstart Their Calling to Help Others—and Themselves with Jenny Kennard
  • October28, Glasgow Scotland, Seminar TBA with Christian McNeil
  • October 30-November 2, Jumpstart your Life and Transform Your Profession--The Hidden Immunity to Stress in Changing Times,  retreat with Jenny Kennard and Dave Elleary
  • November 5-7, Innate Health Addictions Training, London, England,
    The Purpose of this program is to provide 3 Principles Practitioners with an in-depth training in the application of this paradigm to the treatment of addictions and counseling clients with addiction issues. This course is directed to anyone who is a service provider who may have clients with addiction issues or those who work specifically with that population as a specialty
  • February 4-6 The Resilience Symposium, London, England More information later
  • July 16-20, 2018 Fly Fishing for the Mind Retreat--Preventing Physician Burnout Go to this link for details: link

Innate Well Being Retreat in Colchester, England October 13-17, 2016 Joe with Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson

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